Saturday, March 27, 2010


One day God filled a little girls head with numbers. Soon, she realized she really liked them and thought about them all the time. As she got older, she realized that the other kids didn't seem to like them as much as she did, and she also knew how to do things with them that the other kids couldn't do.
When this little girl became a young woman, she decided to use her love of math and apply it to tax law. She would become a CPA. And because she wanted to honor God in her work, she studied hard to be the best CPA she could. She did extra credit work, listened hard, took lots of notes, and carried God's spirit with her into the classroom. As she did this, God increased her joy and her passion for her choice of study and the young lady was happy.
Then one day, God said, "Daughter, I have decided that I no longer desire for you to be a CPA. Instead, I want you to be a bookkeeper for this little firm over here. I know it is a much smaller job than what you have prepared for, and I know it's going to be isolated and quiet, but you can still do math and work with numbers.
"What are you saying?" the young woman asked, "You can't be serious. What about all the time and money I poured into being good at this job? What about all the years of study? What about the passion and the joy you gave me in it?"
"What about them?" God said to her, "I love you, but I need you to trust me, and I have have decided that I want you over here, now."

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