Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I should have been prepared for this...

No longer just something I carry around in my heart, I have now  begun to fine-tune the words on the page. What began as God's quiet prompting seems clear and perfect in the dark moments right before dawn,  but then,  the rest of the world wakes up and cloudy and ugly.  I am vulnerable and find myself  ill-equipped as I walk this out into the world.   As I edit, I  wonder who wrote this. The writing is terrible, the sentences childish, and  I don't want to continue.  
     But I know this isnt God so I'm fighting my way through it. I cut and paste. I re-write and re-write and re-write. I am choosing to persevere. In my heart I want nothing more than to glorify God and I know He knows. I can feel Him right beside me.  
    So....I go back and read my own beginning in my own words and it reminds me.  
     And here I am. My feet still planted on the road to God's glory, but in truth,  this latest stretch is rocky and hot  and I really just wanna get off.  But I wont because God has put me here and I trust him. So I'll  take another step, blister or not, and keep my eyes on Jesus.  I will trudge over its hills and pull its thorns out of my feet.  I will pull my shoes from the sticky tar,  and when I cry out  because I step on a sharp rock, I will know my Father hears me cry. I will hop through the hot spots because of the cool green valley at the end of the road where fragrant flowers will take my breath away and the babbling brooks will sounds like worship. I will bring glory to my God...

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