Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Best Buddy

     God gave me the heart of a mother. Raising my children is the most important thing I have ever done and been the source of my greatest joy. That being said, I always knew that I would love and enjoy my grandchildren, but Jude Paul stole my heart. 
     He is the one who named me MaMo. Before he was born, everyone asked me what I wanted him to call me. My answer, was that I would let him decide what my name was. It has only evolved once. It was Gamma for only a very short time, then one day, it became MaMo. 
     I can still see the look on my sweet sister's face..."MaMo?!" 
    "Yes", I stated proudly and told her to wipe the look off her face. "Jude named me that." 
     And now, when I look into the face of my almost 2-yr old grandson, I am filled with a burst of new life. Seeing the world through his little eyes, everything gets to begin again, and life takes on a fresh new meaning.
     So until he decides to call me something else, MaMo I will be.

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