Monday, November 1, 2010

So it begins...

    The title came to me in my car as I sat underneath a rainbow along highway 395. I was coming home from San Deigo after a visit to Texas. I had just had eye surgery and afterward had attended the last few sessions of a "Kairos conference at my sisters Gateway church in Dallas.
     Overwhelmed by the glory of the rainbow and the things God has been saying to me, I pulled over. Looking at the clock, I realized that the rainbow had appeared at the same time was sister and niece were being baptized in Texas. God's love poured over me in that moment, and I could almost feel him planting my feet on this road to His glory. "You're ready for this." He said to me. "I've been preparing you for a long time."
    I wanted to shout with joy,  and keep it a secret, all at the same time. I was full of excitement one minute and flooded with fear the next. I knew I couldn't do what God was asking of me in my own strength. The very idea of trying to paint creation pictures was enough to stop me. So... I waited and prayed.
     As I did, God began to remind me of things. He reminded me of words my sister said to me. He reminded me of things my church family had spoken over me in the last few years. These were things I did not understand at the time, but were now becoming clear as God began to lay out His plan before me.
     He showed me the unique way I had been created, and how, as far back as I could remember, I had seen his face and heard his voice through the glory in his creation. "This is why I chose you for this."  He said,  and I was suddenly bombarded with memories and images. Childhood turtles, frog hopping contest, thunderstorms and tomato worms. Garden blackberry bushes, mountain sunrises, cloudy summer afternoons. Grandsons, whales, stars, and baby monkeys. He said, "You see me everywhere." I knew it was true.
     So here I am with my feet on the, "Glory Road", because God placed them there. I will do my best to honor all that He asks of me because I want to make Him proud. I know He will equip me and light the path. I am ready for the journey!

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